NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment

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Taylor Salo (0000-0001-9813-3167), Tal Yarkoni (0000-0002-6558-5113), Thomas E. Nichols (0000-0002-4516-5103), Jean-Baptiste Poline (0000-0002-9794-749X), Murat Bilgel (0000-0001-5042-7422), Katherine L. Bottenhorn (0000-0002-7796-8795), Dorota Jarecka (0000-0001-8282-2988), James D. Kent (0000-0002-4892-2659), Adam Kimbler (0000-0001-5885-9596), Dylan M. Nielson (0000-0003-4613-6643), Kendra M. Oudyk (0000-0003-4087-5402), Julio A. Peraza (0000-0003-3816-5903), Alexandre Pérez (0000-0003-0556-0763), Puck C. Reeders (0000-0002-6401-3017), Julio A. Yanes (0000-0002-6620-4351), Angela R. Laird (0000-0003-3379-8744)


Salo et al., (2022). NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment. NeuroLibre Reproducible Preprint Server, 1(1), 7,

@article{Salo2022, doi = {10.55458/neurolibre.00007}, url = {}, year = {2022}, publisher = {The Open Journal}, volume = {1}, number = {1}, pages = {7}, author = {Taylor Salo and Tal Yarkoni and Thomas E. Nichols and Jean-Baptiste Poline and Murat Bilgel and Katherine L. Bottenhorn and Dorota Jarecka and James D. Kent and Adam Kimbler and Dylan M. Nielson and Kendra M. Oudyk and Julio A. Peraza and Alexandre Pérez and Puck C. Reeders and Julio A. Yanes and Angela R. Laird}, title = {NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment}, journal = {NeuroLibre} }
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meta-analysis fMRI

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