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NiMARE: Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis Research Environment

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Taylor Salo, Tal Yarkoni, Thomas E. Nichols, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Murat Bilgel, Katherine L. Bottenhorn, Dorota Jarecka, James D. Kent, Adam Kimbler, Dylan M. Nielson, Kendra M. Oudyk, Julio A. Peraza, Alexandre PĂ©rez, Puck C. Reeders, Julio A. Yanes, Angela R. Laird


An interactive meta-analysis of MRI biomarkers of myelin

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Matteo Mancini, Agah Karakuzu, Julien Cohen-Adad, Mara Cercignani, Thomas E. Nichols, Nikola Stikov

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